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Did you know that hidden on every News and Rides Page of your Branch website is a Branch Supporters module?

It's hidden until it can be fed with content of your Supporters.

Until you have Branch Supporter details to add it will remain hidden since a Module titled Branch Supporters with nothing in it looks kind of strange.

If you have Branch Supporters you want to add to your Branch website, contact the Administration office to make it live for you to add. Then add text their logo and link back to their websites if required.

Example of a Branch site with Branch Supporters. (gleninnes.ulyssesclub.org)

Please note the distinction between a Branch Supporter and a Ulysses Club Sponsor. Sponsored banners are placed in the footer banners of the main Club website and/or the AGM sites and/or all the Branch websites. A Ulysses Club Sponsor provides funds and/or gear / services to the Ulysses Club. A Branch Supporter is a Supporter of the Branch only and not a Ulysses Club Sponsor.

If you have Branch Supporters wishing to be Club Sponsors then please direct them to the Expression of Interest form here.

All Ulysses Club Inc. Sponsors with banner advertisements across any site receive comprehensive data for their advertisement that includes the number of impressions and click-throughs per advertisement, per website(s) and on any day or range of days.

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