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After the launch of the new websites (main website, AGMs and Branch websites) we've been busily tweaking and updating things.

However a number of great ideas have been suggested along with loads of content being added it was time to review some usability items earlier rather than later.

Here is a list of things that are being added / updated to all Branch websites, not in order:

  • Finalising the TITLE tags for all Branch websites
  • Finalising all the META Description and Meta Keywords (for those Search engines that still use Meta Keywords - Google doesn't)
  • Webmaster Control mod access. Turning this feature off. We initially were to build support into every site but decided a dedicated site for all Branch webmasters is easier. This support was to be accessed from here. It will remain hidden until there is a need or feature we add there for you.
  • Undoing the access to the Welcome screen. This is intended to feature information about the branch location. This needs to be short, sharp and to the point. We're attempting to have all Branch sites be consistent in look and feel.
  • Adding and updating the News pages to now include a dedicated Rides page. Of all the updates this will take the longest to roll out for every branch website. The Rides Page will only be for Rides. You will only be able to select Rides for the Category. The News Page will have new categories added.
  • Once the pages are set up, settings applied we turn our attention to updating the automatic latest updates sections of your home page ensuring they are pointing to the correct locations.
  • Ensure each News and Rides page only show 10 articles / rides per page.
  • We have already removed Posted on: date from under the title of the News or Ride.
  • An "About Our Rides" section to appear to the RHS of the Ride listings. This is for generic information about your rides. Not dates, not videos etc.
  • Updating the Contact us page with a naming and linking convention like http://canberra.ulyssesclub.org/ContactUs.aspx
  • General tidy up of items (containers) outside of the agreed guidelines.

There is a lot to do and with all things, we thank you for your patience and welcome your feedback.

Remember, your suggestions to be in by the last week of each month, they are reviewed the first week of the next month and added the second. We cannot promise all suggestions will be added. We're trying to maintain a level of consistency for usability for all Branches.

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