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Ulysses Club Inc. with MerlinFX will be conducting monthly updates and upgrades from January to November.

An update will be features added based on your feedback along with users and things we notice.

An upgrade is where MerlinFX upgrades software features on the website, eg: introduces new features to the news tool or upgrades to the next DNN version etc.

Usually this is known as maintenance in software terms. Wikipedia has an excellent interpretation of what maintenance is.

"Key findings of his research include that maintenance is really evolutionary development and that maintenance decisions are aided by understanding what happens to systems (and software) over time. Lehman demonstrated that systems continue to evolve over time."

Therein ends the lesson on Maintenance.

We are interested to learn from you what you want in your website. We understand that users, technology, trends and usability change. This is inevitable. Rather than have a tired site, we prefer you to have an up-to-date site with useful features for Webmasters, your Branch members and any other person who visits your website.

We encourage you to submit your ideas to us here by the end of each month.

We anticipate the first week of the month will be spent reviewing all ideas with the following week implementing these along with any updates from MerlinFX.

We can't promise we will be implementing every idea or doing so all at once.

We understand all Branches, regions and States are different. The difference lies in the content of your articles, news etc. Upload great photos, add your stories. Create a rich history for your Branch. The new Branch websites all need to be consistent in branding, pages, features.

There will be a new page added on this site called Branches which will list all the Ulysses Club Branch websites that are hosted within the Ulysses Club Inc. server. Check out what other Webmasters are doing with their sites, what design options they have chosen and what content they have.
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