This website was created for the sole purpose of helping Branch Webmasters, Committee etc be across all Q&A, reasons and more about their Branch website. Like any website - this site is a work in progress. Change is inevitable. Expect this Branch Support to be updated with more content to help you.

We know some of you are not going to like us, and some of you will even hate us, but please hear us out on where things stand because we are only as successful as you, our members make this club.

As the Ulysses Club has grown and developed over the years, we’ve not always been able to keep up with technology and offer our members features or easy management which are offered to many website owners these days.

It was not such a big job when we had only a few branches, but with the growth of membership over the last few years, along with mobile phones, laptops, iPads and other technology, we have seen many branches want to have a great looking website and a lot more ‘online activity’.

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